Thomasville - PWAF

There is something about Thomasville that just makes you think about the important things in life. Experiences... Family... and Friends.

From the moment we arrived in Thomasville we felt like family. We stayed at The Paxton 1884, (by far one of our most favorite B&B's) and Carol & Charlie showed us nothing but great southern hospitality. 

We sent each morning with freshly homemade scones and a fantastic breakfast, and every night retreating with other  guests trading stories and toasting a few cocktails.

At the Festival there was the best in arts and artisans from around the world exhibiting their talents. The PWAF truly knows how to throw an event. They make every single person feel welcome. On Saturday night we were all invited the the "Bird Dog Bash" at Pebble Hill Plantation, where we has the best of southern cuisine, and the music was playing all night long.

If you ever have the chance you need to check out Thomasville and the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival. Truly an event for the sportsman and sportwoman.

Below are some pictures from our time.


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